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Losing Your Spark, Doesn’t mean you wont get it back.

What you need is a proven process and solid support

When was the last time you felt good about yourself?

I know what it’s like to feel unsure of yourself, not having the confidence to go for what I wanted.

I know what it’s like to live daily with stress like it’s just something you have to live with – Well it’s not!

But I am here to tell you there is a way past this, with my Empowered Life Method you can find the way.

Are you struggling with your confidence?

Losing and gaining confidence is a process that will happen throughout your life, with many factors contributing

With my Empowered Life Method your days of self doubt and lack of confidence will become a distant memory, confidence will radiate from you becoming a way of life.

Are you struggling with your confidence?

Losing and gaining confidence is a process that will happen throughout your life, with many factors contributing

With my Empowered Life Method your days of self doubt and lack of confidence will become a distant memory, confidence will radiate from you becoming a way of life.

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.”

Brene Brown

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What you don’t need is more self doubt.

You need a streamline process that can eliminate any fears that are stopping you from taking control of your life. Releasing your fears does take time but with my support and guidance you’ll get clarity on how to conquer those fears removing any self doubt and uncertainty.

What you don’t need is more self doubt.

You need a streamline process that can eliminate any fears that are stopping you from taking control of your life. Releasing your fears does take time but with my support and guidance you’ll get clarity on how to conquer those fears removing any self doubt and uncertainty.

Are you finding yourself facing more hard days than better days?!

The Confidence Queen Mentorship will provide you with answers to transform those hard days into better days

A fully supported LIVE rapid action coaching program which puts you in the hot seat with Rebecca who will hold you accountable every step of the way.

There will be no more self doubt,  a confident, powerful women is what you will present to the world.  No more if’s or but’s, no more I am not good enough, no more wondering what life could be like. Now is time to become the BEST version of yourself.

You’ve heard that phrase  “I am living the dream”  Dreams can become a reality, you just need the right help, support and have trust in the process!


“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.”

Oprah Winfrey

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“Mentally, emotionally and physically I was on my knees before the program, I had just escaped from my marriage to an alcohol fuelled violent abusive, controlling, narcissistic partner of 23 years, been forced to sell my family’s home and move to a new house in an area I wasn’t familiar with, taking my 2 teenage boys and dog to start again.

My ex had taken just about everything else from me but one thing left was my fight and my determination not to let him break me, I just needed to know how to rebuild myself with strong, solid foundations that would take me into my new world and give me a chance to find the person who had been crushed by the years of manipulation and exploitation.

As soon as I reached this pivotal moment, it was as though a subliminal message had been sent especially to me and I saw Rebecca’s post regarding her program, could this be the answer I was looking for? I no longer wanted to be that broken person, I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and be comfortable with my reflection, I knew what I wanted to achieve but just didn’t know how. Following a conversation with Rebecca before signing up, she explained the topics that the course would explore and how the course learning would take place, I was sold, I knew this was it! Through the Empowered life method I discovered the tools to cope with everything that before seemed to be either too difficult, too daunting, too contentious or just overwhelming!

The sessions were so easy to attend, all on-line and even easy to join for the technophobe! I had the nicest of group of people, who were all in different places in their lives but we all had the same goal, to better ourselves and in turn our nearest and dearest would benefit from our new found skills! I really can’t recommend the course enough, I’ve learnt so much about me and others too, I now understand that I cannot be the responsible for other people’s choices. I realise that it will continue to be a work in progress and you have to love and care for yourself just as much as you would your family and children but now I know I how and I still have the support from Rebecca (who is the nicest, kindest, funniest and most understanding non-judgemental person you will ever meet!) and the amazing group for the days I feel a slight wobble, honestly I couldn’t recommend this course enough, it's been the making of me!

Clare Meachem, NHS worker



"Rebecca's program has been an amazing course and I’m really pleased I decided to sign up. I have learnt so much and really enjoyed all of the sessions.
Rebecca is a fantastic coach and it was great to see everyone progress throughout the program. Rebecca created a safe and comfortable space for us all to help and support one another.
My main reason for joining the course was to help my confidence, particularly at work and reduce self doubt, however I have achieved so much more. The tools I have learnt have really helped improve my overall outlook on life and what is important for me to focus on.
The theory sessions at the beginning were really interesting and the structure of the course flowed well from module to module. It was broken down into manageable chunks which made progressing easy and I was able to build the tools into my daily life and really see some positive changes"

Rebecca Jackson, Office Manager


"Firstly I want to say how blessed I am that you offered this course to me in the first place. It came to me at just the right time! I was feeling emotionally stuck and lost and in need of some direction. You provided this in spades. On reflection, I think I was looking for guidance and answers on how to move forward in life.

As you know I work in the healthcare industry and at the time we started the course, I was feeling physically and emotionally drained with the impact of the Pandemic, and whilst providing care for others, I was neglecting myself and needed to know how to care for myself. Your course provided the enlightenment for me.

The course was so packed with content, and I learnt so much in the 10 weeks. However, I am grateful that I have full access to revisit the lessons to refresh and remind myself, as I think this will be an ongoing process. I think what spoke to me most is limiting behaviours and how we sit in our comfort zone, for me paralysed by choices and “making the right decision”, which lead to my lifelong issue with procrastination. You have helped me to challenge this. To realise that I do not need to be “perfect”, I can make choices that may be mistakes or not pan out how I thought, but will move me forward and give me more experiences and opportunities. I love that you included the mind and body work too. I struggle with quieting the mind and the explanation and understanding of breathing techniques have been invaluable for getting to the quiet headspace I need for medication practice.

I really enjoyed the sessions. The group from day one was open and the conversations felt relaxed as if amongst friends. This was largely down to your open and easy going leadership. I felt so empowered after the sessions that I felt able to share some of the learning points with my friends and even some patients.

I can’t thank you enough for not just the knowledge you imparted, but also the care and sensitivity taken with how you lead the subject discussions that followed. The subject matter was at times triggering for people and allowed for a supportive conversation amongst the group.

Finally, I absolutely loved working with you and would absolutely recommend your course to anyone interested in making life changes! I hope to be able to work with you again in future. You are an amazing human, changing the world one person at a time!"

Sam Edwards, NHS Nurse 


"This course has allowed me time and space to get into my own head and learn my own wants and needs and not feel or carry guilt looking after myself. I’ve absolutely thrived with some of the modules, such as the meditation and visualisation sessions, but desperately needed those sessions that I wasn’t so comfortable with, such as limiting beliefs and journaling. But what a great way to reflect and spend time with my thoughts.
I can’t say I am making any earth shattering changes that others may see, but I feel more confident, stronger and I am as important as anyone else, I can have anything I am prepared to want enough and I have the tools to know how to get it!
I have had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca for a few years now with my Yoga practice and meditation and I have built up a true trust in her instincts and understanding of my needs and barriers. I would honestly recommend this course to anyone needing to take the next steps to becoming their own authentic person.
Thank you."

Tricia Seaman - Collaborative Outreach Officer


"3 months ago I read Rebecca’s Instagram posts and felt as though she was talking directly to me. I was suffering from work stress, missing out on the things I enjoy because of long hours and exhaustion, having difficulty sleeping and feeling as though I just wanted to run away. I knew it was time for change otherwise I could really find myself going downhill fast, mentally and physically.

I had a call with Rebecca one evening and she told me she could help me. I needed that. Someone who could help me make sense of how I was feeling. Over the next 12 weeks Rebecca read the diaries I composed for her each week and somehow managed to pull out of my words what was troubling me and what needed action. Don’t get me wrong, she held me to account. She won’t do this for you but she’ll give you the tools you need to find order, to make sense, to make changes. We covered every aspect from work to sleep, food to exercise, routines to relaxation, love and life!
Now I get up every morning dancing to music, I have my own healthy eating plan and I exercise when I can. My stresses are still there but I’m better equipped to deal with them and I have a plan that will bring about the changes I need to live a healthy happy life. I could go on and on!
Thank you Rebecca for all that you gave me."

Lynn Swettenham - Company Director


"I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Rebecca on a 121 basis and also participated in her signature course.

I have to say initially I was I was a bit apprehensive about the group sessions - exposing my life to strangers on a screen is not something I am used to but Rebecca is a natural at making people feel at ease. I felt that I benefited from the course in that it encouraged me to take time out to focus on me and think about myself and my personal development. Rebecca is a fantastic coach, she is open, honest and inspiring. She knows how to get the best out of people. This course is excellent and truly gave me the tools I needed to look more deeply at what it means for me to live a life that is true to who I am. It allowed a safe space to share and explore ideas and created headspace for deeper thinking about what it is really important.

Would I recommend it? - Absolutely!

Leanne Hepburn, Director of Education and Senior Lecturer 



"Rebecca suggested to join her group after seeing and noticing that my confidence and mindset wasn’t where it should or could be.

I was incredibly hesitant to join, to be honest I lead such a hectic life and honestly always thought this type of program wouldn’t be for me and I would have issues in engaging with a course to help me develop and improve (I come from a stiff upper lip attitude background).

However, I jumped out of my comfort zone and took the plunge into Rebecca’s course.

Wow... what a life changer. After listening to Rebecca and participating in the course, I realised extremely quickly how my thought process and negative thinking, really had an impact on my life and how I was living.

After being dealt blow after blow in circumstances, which had consumed my headspace I was hooked on negative thoughts and patterns. I was so grateful that Rebecca’s course has enlightened me to the need for change, and I have started over the last eight weeks to implement her tools and I feel so much better.

Happier, more settled, more confident, more focused on my goals and basically living my life half full instead of half empty.

I recommend Rebecca and her courses to anyone and everyone, her methods are non invasive yet effective and positive!

She has certainly put my on the correct path to change my mindset for the better, I haven’t looked back...."

Zoe Britchfield, Business Owner and Single Mum


"This is a very easy testimonial for me to write. 

I have been having mindset/lifestyle coaching with Rebecca for 3 years now.

My confidence has improved and my whole outlook on life has changed.

She is an inspirational coach who is very supportive and honest.

She knows how to get the best out of me helping me with the challenges that I face.

I am very grateful to have found her."

Frances Maccaffery, Mum & House Wife


“Having coaching with Rebecca was the best investment I have ever made!

Initially I approached her for performance coaching which was over 5yrs ago now.

I am an equine producer, with Rebecca’s coaching my results rocketed and my whole outlook on competing has changed. 

Since then I have started my own business and Rebecca’s coaching has been invaluable to its success!!

She is knowledgeable and confident, which gives me confidence and my results speak for themselves”


Jody Carr - Dressage Rider and Business Owner.

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